BarSeal™ - Ergonomic sealing of micro plates

The most common way to seal a micro plate is by means of loose “lid-labels” in sheets or in blocks. Based from the general perception that there is no alternative, this method is often considered to be the only solution.

New patented solution developed in close collaboration with laboratories technicians, provides an ergonomic and “one-hand” result. The sealing tape is now converted into rolls and placed in a disposable dispenser box.

The sealing tapes "handle/grip” is exposed on the right hand side. It is very easy to grab the sealing tape, even with gloves on. Sealing can be done with one hand in one smooth motion, without straining the wrists, neck and shoulders.

Watch the video and se how BarSeal Works

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Part no. Rolls of Material Temperature celcius Use

13078-9P-NU 1000 pcs. Polyester -20/120 General lab use
13078-3MD 500 pcs. Polyolefin -70/100 DMSO compositions
170275-20P 100 pcs. PVC -20/140 Seals 4 plates at a time!